Active Group Int. Co. Ltd (AGI) is the fastest-growing and most vibrant multinational company Since 1999 with offices in Australia, Bangladesh, and Japan. AGI’s core business is selling telecommunication products and services in Japan, Hotels and Resorts, Hospitals, Agriculture, and Education & Immigration Consultants- Trading as ACTIVE EDUCATION & IMMIGRATION.

Higher education is a highly sought commodity by the individual student and business community in Bangladesh and the Sub-continent. AGI’s market share in Bangladesh is huge. It has established good working relationships with government officials and Foreign Diplomats. As you might appreciate such a combination is very much needed if a company really wants to progress in the sub-continent. With its large upper-class client base and network with the country policymakers, AGI is in a good position to capitalize on the growing education market in the sub-continent-Bangladesh in particular.

Active Education and Immigration’s extensive involvement in helping Bangladeshi students pursue study-abroad opportunities. Your organisation’s track record of being a trusted name in International Education Counseling and being a member of ISANA and AIIE demonstrates a commitment to professionalism and excellence in the field.

Representing a wide range of top-ranking universities in various countries shows the breadth of options we provide students, allowing them to choose the Universities and locations that align with their academic goals and preferences. This diverse portfolio helps students explore various educational opportunities that suit their needs.

Our emphasis on the highest student visa success rate indicates the effectiveness of your team’s efforts in guiding students through the application process and ensuring they meet the requirements. This is an important factor for students, as obtaining a student visa is crucial in their journey to studying abroad.

Having dedicated Education Consultants in Sydney and Dhaka showcases our commitment to providing personalised and accessible support to students, regardless of their location. This approach enables students to receive assistance tailored to their academic strengths, interests, financial considerations, and desired study destinations.

Overall, our organisation’s comprehensive approach, wide-ranging university partnerships, and dedication to student success make Active Education and Immigration a valuable resource for Bangladeshi students aspiring to study abroad.

  • The Man Behind Active Education
  • Vision and Values
  • Mission

Active owes its success to the dedication of its team of education consultants and the vision of Mr. Towha MOHAMMAD.

The Managing director of Active Education and a certified education counsellor, Mr. Towha Mohammad's vision, dedication, and the hard work of Active Education's team of education consultants have been instrumental in the organisation's success. Mr. Towha's extensive experience and expertise in the field of international education and career counselling have undoubtedly contributed to shaping Active Education into a respected and reliable resource for students seeking study-abroad opportunities.

His background of working with reputable multinationals in different countries, including Australia, Japan, and Bangladesh, showcases a broad understanding of diverse educational environments and cultural contexts. This global perspective is likely to have enriched the services and insights provided to students looking to study abroad.

Mr. Towha's impressive tenure of 23 years in international education and career counselling demonstrates his commitment to helping students achieve their academic and professional goals. Recognising that each student is unique, with distinct aspirations, talents, and interests, is a crucial mindset that can significantly influence the quality of guidance. By tailoring advice and mentorship to individual students, Mr. Towha and his team can ensure that students receive guidance that aligns with their personal strengths and goals.

His emphasis on personal honesty, integrity, and transparency within the work environment is essential for building trust among colleagues, clients, and students. A transparent work environment fosters open communication and encourages collaboration, which is vital for delivering high-quality services and maintaining a positive organisational culture.

Overall, Mr. Towha's leadership and dedication, combined with the values of the entire team, make Active Education a standout player in the field of international education counselling.

  • To ensure that every student can get an opportunity to study abroadand realise his/her academic potential.
  • Create a road map of the process journey (along with timelines)
  • No compromise on the quality of International education counselling
  • Sensitivity towards the concerns and anxieties of each student with complete sincerity. 
  • Assist with Value-added services

How Does Active International Education Work?

At Active, we Establish a workplace culture based on honesty, trust, respect, and transparent communication, which is essential for building solid relationships internally among colleagues and externally with clients and students.

Our commitment to maintaining high standards in hiring education consultants and counsellors is commendable. Ensuring that students receive accurate and well-informed advice is crucial, especially during the University application process, where the proper guidance can significantly impact a student's future.

Ensuring that students receive accurate and well-informed advice is crucial, especially during the University application process, where the proper guidance can significantly impact a student's future.

ACTIVE International Education's Objective and Mission 

  • Provide efficient, transparent and ethical services to students.
  • Help students make the best education decisions about their future depending on their interests, skills, and aptitudes.
  • Help students develop their independent outlook and thinking.


ACTIVE EDUCATION & IMMIGRATION represent the following countries: