The popularity of New Zealand among international students has increased substantially in the last few years. The country is popular among the student community for its low tuition fees and affordability. Let us discuss this aspect in some detail.

A NZ$10 coin bearing the image of Bilbo Baggins, a character from the upcoming new Hobbit film trilogy(AFP: New Zealand Post)

Cost of Studying in New Zealand
There are quite a few public and private organizations in New Zealand that offer amazing training and projects to international students. The advantage of studying in the country is that education there costs less than in most European countries and America. In addition, the biggest motivation for international students is that New Zealand’s universities provide funding to their students.

Tuition fees at Public Universities in New Zealand
The national government supports the public universities of New Zealand. The advantage of pursuing higher studies in public universities is that students receive top-class education at the most affordable costs.  However, it is important to remember that the tuition fees for pursuing any course or programme in a public university depend on that course or programme. The fee structures are different for different programmes. The fees for studying arts or social sciences could be NZD 20,000, whereas, for science and engineering, it could be NZD 25,000. To study dentistry, one may need to shell out NZD 75,000.

Tuition fees at Private Universities in New Zealand
Private institutions of higher education charge more fees than public institutions. The tuition fees of private universities could be double for the courses mentioned along with their fees, in the previous paragraph.

Cheapest Universities in New Zealand for International Students
Whenever a student decides to pursue higher studies abroad, he or she first researches about the costs and finally searches for the most affordable educational institutions in that country. Here is a list of the most affordable universities in New Zealand, along with the average tuition fees:

New Zealand University Fees

Affordable University Average Tuition Fees
University of Canterbury 12250 NZD/year
Lincoln University 10700 NZD/year
University of Auckland 12000 NZD/year
Massey University 28000 NZD/year

Tuition fees at top-ranked universities in New Zealand
When a student decides upon a country where he or she wants to go to pursue higher studies, the first thing that causes concern is the fees charged by the educational institutions there. But another very important aspect is certainly the quality or rank of the universities in that country. In combination, these two factors result in students’ looking for the top-ranked universities that offer courses and programmes at an affordable cost of Study in New Zealand for International Students. The following list may help:

The University of Canterbury fees are – NZD 12250 per year
University of Otago – NAZ 16000 per year

Study in New Zealand Requirements
There are some basic requirements to study at these universities in New Zealand. Before applying to universities, one should be aware of the cost of studying in New Zealand and other application requirements. Here is the list of required documents:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Passport Photographs
  • A Valid Passport Photocopy
  • NID Copy (both Side)
  • Police Clearance Certificate –
  • Letters of Recommendation where needed
  • All Academic Certificates Mark Sheets/Transcript
  • Job Experience letter ( if any)
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Resume / CV
  • Proof of  minimum required Monetary Funds
  • COVID-19 Vaccination Record

Living Cost in New Zealand
Living costs in New Zealand are different for the various cities students usually live in. as is the case with every destination, the urban areas are more expensive and the living costs go down gradually as you move away from the city centres. The average requirement for international students, without the tuition fees in New Zealand, would be between 15000 NZD to 25000 NZD for a year. The immigration of New Zealand asks for a yearly amount of 15000 USD as sustainable proof.

Accommodation in New Zealand
The accommodation costs in New Zealand vary from 7000 NZD to 12000 NZD. The costs also depend largely on the lifestyle choices of the students. Private accommodations are the most expensive, at 180 NZD per week, the flat accommodations are 120 NZD per week. The student dormitories, hostels and halls are shared by the students, and they are 200 NZD a week.

Cost of Food in New Zealand
There is a myth that food costs a lot in New Zealand. The fact is, food is quite affordable and does not take away a lot from a student’s wallet. A meal in an inexpensive restaurant costs NZD 8.95, whereas one at McDonald’s costs NZD 4.97. Apart from meals, one can enjoy regular food and drinks at very affordable rates.

Transportation in New Zealand
Due to the small population, public transport is rather restricted to good bus service between only the main centres and cities. Usually, people drive their own cars. The country has an affordable car rental service that is used extensively by its people. The major train lines are between Auckland and Wellington, Picton and Christchurch and Christchurch and Greymouth. Most larger towns have domestic flights to either Auckland, Wellington or Christchurch. Booking in advance helps to get cheaper tickets. Sadly, not all airports are connected by public transport.

Health Insurance in New Zealand
Health insurance-related expenses may add to the cost of studying in New Zealand. Medical treatments are costly there. Purchasing transport passes can save some money.

Therefore, studying abroad in New Zealand is a great option for Indian students, whether they want to graduate from one of their best universities or pursue a Masters or other post-graduate degree programmes. The fees are low, and living in New Zealand is an amazing experience. Also, the courses are all conducted in English.

Cost of Study in New Zealand for Bangladeshi Students
The cost of studying in New Zealand for Bangladeshi students will be the same as that of other international students. There are a number of scholarships available for Bangladeshi Students, too. For a student visa in New Zealand, Bangladeshi students require the funds as follows: NZ$1250 for every month of study if the course is shorter than 36 weeks. The requirement is NZ$ 15000 a year for courses longer than that. They are required to show bank statements for the six months as proof of funds.

The New Zealand visa cost for Bangladeshi students is NZD 298.