As our name suggested, we are a dynamic organization with a clear vision and the motivation to reach the highest point in our profession and with a clear focus to deliver the best possible services to our clients. We are fully committed to delivering quality services to our clients within the agreed period of time and with a personal touch. We feel pride in saying that our honest and realistic approach has helped us win our clients’ confidence. We have achieved an excellent percentage of success rates in all the cases which we have undertaken since we first set up as education consultants in July 1998.

We are in the business of providing professional consultancy to our clients in the field of Overseas Education. We provide information and counselling regarding all types of courses from the school level through to Masters’s Level. We also provide information and assistance in the field of international immigration to Australia. Our motto is to provide education and immigration consultancy at an affordable price to our clients and to their utmost satisfaction.

Our head office is based in Dhaka–Bangladesh but we also have associated fully functional offices in Sydney-Australia and Gunma ken- Japan.

Our aim is to make you successful in your studies. With our many years of experience, we know how to help you to reach your goals.


Md. Abu Zafar Prince