The United States of America is arguably the favourite study destination of international students is a well-established fact. So much is the popularity of the country, and so much the rush to go there that for Indian students, “going abroad” has become synonymous with going to study in America. Living there is a dream for millions of students across the world. Working after graduation is a dream come true for them.

Education in the USA

If you are planning to Study in USA, you must know about how the education system stands. There is no unanimous Education Structure across the United States of America. USA does not follow any national education system. Federal Government only interferes in the matters of the funds it offers. There is no Education Board in the country, unlike many other countries. However, Every state has their own education system, and state graduation examinations.

One important grading factor across the country is GPA (Grade Point Average), and along with a number of other factors, it is important when a college or University admission is considered.

For Graduation and Post-Graduation in USA, there are three types of institutions, universities in USA, Community Colleges in USA, and Liberal Arts colleges in USA. All 3 types of institutions are discussed in detail below:

1. Universities in the USA:

There are two types of Universities in USA: Public and Private. Public Universities are funded by US State Governments and are very affordable universities in USA when compared to Private Universities. While Private Universities are not owned by any government body, and they run on tuition fees.

Most Universities offer graduate, postgraduate and doctoral degree programs. Universities are larger than colleges and they offer more opportunities than colleges.

Community Colleges in the USA:

These are vocational or certificate programs for students. Community Colleges are smaller than universities. Most of the programs on offer by this community college are two years long. Community colleges can work as a bridge for students to reach a higher level of academics in future.

Liberal Arts College in the USA:

These are mostly undergraduate degree programs in USA, and are for students of liberal arts and sciences. These are mostly four-year-long courses. Liberal Arts colleges can be both Public or Private by the nature of funding.

Top Reasons to Study in the USA

  • The joy of living in the USA

A big reason for students across the world to want to pursue higher education in America is the joy of living that the country provides. Students who Study in USA get the opportunity to explore the vast country, full of natural diversities; and they also enjoy life by vising places like the famous Disney Land and Las Vegas.

  • A Refined Research Venture

The United States of America simply has the best research and development facilities, period. This is the reason that the country leads the world in literally almost all aspects of scientific existence. From research related to nuclear energy to space expeditions, America is always at the number one spot.

  • Academic Stature

It is a system that encourages students with different educational needs to study according to their needs and excel. Because of its high academic standard, a degree from any American University is not only recognized but revered all over the world. There is perhaps no other country where students with an academic bent of mind are encouraged in such strong manners.

  • Flexibility:

There is flexibility in education. They will not only give you training in your own field as well as in different fields well. For example, business undergrads should do some essential science lectures, and engineering undergrad will do some essential business lectures. In this way, the student will have knowledge in different areas including theirs.

  • Financial support:

Most universities provide scholarships, stipends, and loans for higher education to students so that they can finish their degrees. they provide financial support on the basis of merit rather than financial need. On-campus job facilities are also available for the students to work and earn money for their survival.

  • Career opportunities:

A degree from a reputed university widens the scope of careers. The varied insight into different fields of study offered by universities in USA, broadens the scope of career paths that the student chooses and it is known that international companies look for candidates that offer them a different take or perspective on their products.

Best Courses to Study in the USA:

The most pursued courses in USA have to be the business and management courses. The second most popular course is Engineering in USA, with students from all over the world looking forward to studying at Universities like Stanford, Caltech and MIT. Other Courses to Study in USA include Computer Science and Information Technology. With places like Silicon Valley, USA is one of the most promising destinations for CS/IT. Natural Sciences and Social Sciences come after that, with the universities well equipped with best of the research facilities which are world-leading and pioneers in many ways.

Study in USA after 12th

Studying in USA is not only about pursuing master’s and doctoral studies. Many students from all around the world also like to start early, right after they have finished their schooling. Just like Masrers in USA, there is a large number of bachelor’s programs in USA for international students. Whether one has a background in Science (PCM or PCB), Commerce or Arts.

Studying in the USA bachelor’s degree

International Students studying for a Bachelor’s degree in USA will experience top-quality education in excellent and modern facilities.

  • International students have a variety of options for major studies, such as engineering, philosophy, business, architecture, fine arts, computer science, biology, design, economics, sociology, and psychology, among several others.
  • A bachelor’s degree in USA generally requires 4 years of duration to complete, however, there are also options for part-time and online studies for students that require flexibility in scheduling.

Studying in the USA Masters Degree

Among international students, there are many students who wish to pursue their masters in the USA.

  • To get admission into a master’s degree in USA the basic requirement you will need is a good undergraduate or first degree in a relevant subject area.
  • Usually, most masters courses in the USA take 2 years to complete when pursuing a full-time course.
  • USA universities lead in many subject areas, especially those in technology and engineering. MBA in USA, Computer Science courses in USA are also well known.
  • Although most master’s degrees fall into the category of Master of Business Administration, Master of Arts or Master of Science,, many speciality degrees exist as well. Many international students focus on business management and medical professions as these courses offer a wide range of skills


Student life in the USA

Student life in USA is simply amazing! Whether someone is enrolled in a graduate programme us or any other postgraduate degree programme, there is a life that is beyond academics and is of very high quality. There is a lot of cultural diversity on American campuses, and a lot of places in America one can explore. Besides, the faculty members are very helpful and welcoming.

Students Safety in the USA

Safety is always a concern for students looking forward to studying abroad. Fortunately, Colleges and Universities in USA are extra cautious about the student-safety on campus.

  • Even in remote towns and suburban areas, the institution will have a security staff, and the campus will be the safest place for the students.
  • Many larger universities have their own security unit on campus, too.

Students themselves must be aware of their belongings and surroundings while dealing with a new place. Be aware of the security measures and emergency contacts. In case of any troubling incident, students should reach out to the nearest help available on campus. With a few simple precautions, every unfavourable incident can be avoided. Remember,  US colleges and Universities will have the friendliest and the most helpful people out there.

Study USA in the English Language

Well, this certainly should not be a surprise to anyone reading this article. America is identified with the English Language, perhaps more than the United Kingdom is. Hollywood has played a major role in making English synonymous with the country. English is the working language of the world, and the best universities in USA champion the process of getting educated in this language. All courses across all disciplines, in all colleges and universities, are conducted in English, giving the students a beginners’ edge in all industries that have a global presence.

Studying in the USA without IELTS

Though the Universities in USA teach courses in English, in some cases it is not compulsory to prove your English Language Proficiency by taking the IELTS test. This comes as good news to many, as there are some particular universities in USA, where you will get admission without IELTS. There are different ways to assess your English Language abilities other than IELTS.

Working While Studying in the USA

Working while studying is a big reason behind international students’ flocking to America to study. Although the USA offers a large number of scholarships,  sometimes to live a better life one needs more money. Various “earn while you learn” schemes, and also the general law of the land allowing international students to work while studying helps a lot in this regard.

Working After Graduation in the USA

For many international students, this is the happiest part of studying in America. The country offers its students the opportunity to work even after their courses are over, for a stipulated period of time, after getting the necessary permissions from the relevant agencies. Many international students stay in America for a long time after their courses are over.

Employment Prospectus in the USA

After completion of the study program, students with an F-1 visa can apply for Optional Practical Training. Shortly known as OPT, it is the most appealing option for students who want to extend their stay in the USA for 12-24 months

Moreover, in some cases, a few companies sponsor students for Temporary Workers Visa, if the student is working in that particular company.

For more information on the requirements to study in USA, or for the answers to your why and how feel free to get in touch with us!

Know More About USA

The United States of America is the fourth largest country in the world and is the third most populous. It is a federal republic that comprises fifty states, a federal district and five major self-governing territories. The capital of the country is Washington, D.C., and the most populous city is New York. The U.S. territories are scattered about the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, and they stretch across nine time zones. This shows how vast the country is. The United States is a founding member of the United Nations, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. It is a highly developed country and has the fastest-growing economy.

Study in the USA for Bangladeshi Students:

The USA has been and continues to be the favourite study-abroad destination for Bangladeshi Students. For the year, the largest percentage of students going abroad choose the USA. In fact, China, Indian, and Bangladesh Students make up the largest demographic of international students in the USA. Bangladeshi students were studying across the schooling, Bachelor, Master, and PhD programs in the USA.

Best Cities to live in the USA

With 50 states and a great number of metropolis cities all around the country, USA has a plethora of geographical and academic treasures for students to choose from.