What safety measures should I have to take once I arrive in the UK?

Because of this pandemic, the UK government is following these rules for International Students:

  • It would be best if you filled up a contact tracing form at the airport before you can proceed to customs
  • 14 days of self-isolation
  • You must apply for a BRP within one month of your arrival if your education course duration is more than 6 months. 

Within how many days do I have to enter the UK after the visa issue?

After the visa issue, you can enter the UK within 30 days. However, the UK government has extended the limit to 90 days because of the pandemic, providing flexibility for international students.

Am I eligible for Graduate Immigration Rule and Post Study Work benefits?

The UK government has decided that students who enter the UK before 6th April 2022 and have started their course are eligible to apply for Graduate Immigration Route and Post Study Work Benefit for 2 years.

Is the Covid-19 test mandatory before applying for a UK student visa?

The government has made it compulsory for students to get a Medical Test and submit its report and passport while applying for a UK student visa.

What to do if I can’t reach the UK before the course start date?

A student is required to reach the UK 14-17 days before their course commences. However, you can defer your course to the next intake.

What is CAS?

CAS also known as Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies, is an electronic document issued by the university to which you have taken admitted. It is valid for six months from its date of issuance for a tier 4 visa applicant.

The university will provide the student with a unique reference number for CAS. The applicant should mention this reference number when he/she is applying for a Tier 4 visa application. 

What does a CAS document include?

  • 14-digit reference number for the CAS
  • Sponsor License Number (SLN) of the university 
  • Start date and end date of your course
  • Course Title
  • Tuition fees          
  • Paid tuition fees details if you have already paid to the university
  • Paid fees for accommodation if you have already paid
  • English Language proficiency score

Do students require a Biometric Residence Permit Card?

International students and others on a dependent visa, visitor visa, student visitor visa, or short-term study visa and others need a Biometric Residence Permit Card if they are staying more than 6 months in the UK. Students must collect their BRP cards within 10 days of their arrival in UK.