Ireland is the education provider to many students from nearly 160 countries, and it is one of the favourite destinations for students who would want the experience to study in a place that has a history as old as the time itself.

The Ireland Study Visa

The Ireland Study Visa is a visa that students need to pursue higher studies in Ireland.

Here’s the intake for this year:



September Intake


January Intake


Top Universities in Ireland

Here are the top 5 Universities of Ireland:

Rank University
1 Trinity University, Dublin
2 University College, Dublin
3 National University of Dublin
4 University College Cork
5 Dublin City University

The Eligibility Criteria for Getting a Visa to Ireland

The below lists everything you need to get a student visa to Ireland

  • The acceptance letter from the college to which you have applied.
  • A valid passport copy
  • 2 passport-size photos, which are recently taken.
  • The student must have the scorecard of either IELTS or TOEFL.
  • The application form is duly filled with all the details.
  • National ID
  • Police Clearance Certificate

Documents Required for an Ireland Visa

The primary requirement in getting your Student Visa for Ireland is having your documents ready for verification.

Here’s a list of documents that you’ll need mandatorily: 

  • Enrolment Certificate
  • Your English Proficiency test results
  • Proof of visa fees payment
  • Health insurance
  • Verification of your criminal records
  • Financial Requirements proving a sum of up to €7,000 per year

The 3 Steps to Get an Ireland Study Visa

  • Step 1:You need to make sure that you meet all the requirements by familiarizing yourself with the Policy on EEA Nationals studying in Ireland.
  • Step 2:You have to submit an online application form maximum of 3 months before your intended travel to Ireland. After submitting the application, you will get a form called Summary Application.
  • Step 3:In summary, you will have the list of supporting documents that you need to submit and when and where you need to submit the documents. You have to take the printout of this form and duly sign it before attaching it with documents and submitting it.

Costs of Studying in Ireland

The tuition fees differ for graduate, postgraduate, and doctorate.

The average fees are as follows:

Under graduate program

10,000 to 25000 € annually

Masters/post graduate program

9000-35000 € annually

Doctorate degree

9000-30000 € annually

Processing Time

The visa processing time is variable, depending on your nationality and other factors. Usually, you will get an answer in 4 to 8 weeks from the date on which your application is lodged at the Visa Office/Embassy/Consulate


Why should I study in Ireland?

There are numerous reasons to choose Ireland as your destination for higher studies.

  • The development of education is one of the reasons that put Ireland in one of the top positions on the economic ladder of Europe.
  • Studying in Ireland is equivalent to studying in the UK. It is more cost-cutting than in the UK.
  • One of the reasons that anyone would cite for getting higher education in Ireland is its beauty and history.
  • Ireland has approximately 35000 foreign students coming from 160 countries. This would give new students a multicultural experience and would allow them to get the taste of merging with peers belonging to various nationalities.
  • Ireland has both rural and urban universities to choose from, and both would cater to students' needs according to their tastes and requirements.

What are the options for staying in Ireland after your studies?

There is a program called 'Stay Back Option,' which would allow any student who doesn't belong to the EU/EEA to stay in Ireland for 24 months, even after completion of their international studies.

This comes under the 'third level graduate scheme.' 

For this scheme to be used, one has to:

  • Have a valid GNIB card (which is a card that permits you to reside in Ireland) that could be extended up to 2 years.
  • Have a graduate, master's, or PhD degree from an institute affiliated with Ireland state.
  • Have a certificate from a recognized body of Irish education like the University of Limerick, or Royal College of Surgeons, citing that you have successfully completed your degree.

How is Ireland for studying and working as a Bangladeshi?

Ireland is preferred by Bangladeshi students for studies because:

  • It is a welcoming nation, located in the heart of Europe, yet the language used here to teach is English. This is a huge advantage for Bangladeshi since many Bangladeshi students are well versed in English rather than in any other European language.
  • Universities are covering almost all the streams of education, which are preferred by students of Bangladeshi like medicine, marketing, banking, business, etc.
  • The cost of education and living in Ireland is comparatively less when compared to other European countries.
  • Working part-time for 20 hours a week during working days and 40 hours a week during vacation time makes it easier financially for many students from Bangladesh.
  • The nation allows students to stay back after education without much effort, during which they can take care of employment opportunities.

Why is working in Ireland preferred by Bangladeshi?

  • There is a large Bangladeshi community with a population of 20000 in Ireland, which would make it easier for Bangladeshi to work and stay in Ireland.
  • Large MNC clusters comprising many leading companies' presences in Ireland would provide plenty of employment for
  • The people of Ireland are fairly friendly and that would make any working environment happier for
  • Bangladeshi can explore European culture by travelling to different countries which are in the

What are the benefits of studying in Bangladesh?

Here’s the list of benefits of studying in Ireland:

    • There are courses that would include medicine, business, engineering, law, banking, and every field of education possible to choose from Irish universities, which would be beneficial to students.
    • The people of Ireland are considered the friendliest people in the world. Hence if you are staying away from home for the first time, you would be in the midst of people who would care for you and would help you to get ahead of homesickness within no time.
    • Since it is an English-speaking nation in Europe, it is easy for most of the students from different countries, since many countries' students would know English commonly. It reduces the time which would have to be put into learning a new language.
    • Ireland is famous for its outstanding facilities in the field of scientific research. Students from many countries hail to Ireland to continue their research programs.
    • Multinational companies like Google, Apple, HP, IBM, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter have head offices in Ireland. All these countries operate in their European territory with Ireland as their base. Hence Ireland is a hub of opportunities.
    • One can travel to most of the countries in Europe from Ireland easily. So one can be benefitted from staying in Ireland in terms of visiting different countries during their vacation times and sometimes even on weekends.
    • Ireland is ranked as the 12th most peaceful country among all the countries in the world. Hence one can be safe and sound here without anything or anyone disturbing the peace.

What are the other costs involved for Ireland?

The living expenses may range anywhere between 7,000 Euros and 12,000 Euros, depending upon the university location and accommodation facilities.

And proof of funds should be maintained for average expenses. That amount is around €7,000