As a Global  Education Specialist, we can turn your dream into the plane

We have the legal expertise to prepare your application and complex documentation as required by law in Australia and many countries worldwide to make your dream turn into a plane. You can leave all your difficulties to us and hope for a better future quickly. Our professional service always will give you peace of mind.

  • We are Most Recommended Education Consultant in Bangladesh since 1999
  • We guide you every step in Australia, Canadian, UK, USA, NZ and many countries’ Career Counselling, Admission and Visa Guidance
  • We provide services for 28+ countries, 820+ universities/colleges, 100000+ courses, and 50000+ students assisted
  • Our consultants are highly experienced and you will get personalised advice from our entire team
  • Our consultants are highly experienced and provide personalized consultation (based on your profile’s strengths and weaknesses)
  • Review your chances of the visa success
  • We create a road map of the process journey (along with timelines)
  • We have 3 physical offices in Bangladesh and 1 in Sydney
  • If you are unable to come to us we will bring our Virtual Office to you
  • We do Layer-based reviews for an error-free application
  • We assist with Value-added services
  • We don’t have a service charge for the year 2023